Category: bilder
2012-11-05 / 19:53:12


@justinbieber: "Me and @nickdemoura dance rehearsal get ready #watchout"

Category: bilder
2012-11-04 / 20:32:33


Category: bilder
2012-11-03 / 21:35:00


@justinbieber: "Walking sleeping bag"

Category: Believe tour
2012-11-03 / 20:50:00


@alfredoflores: "Dallas! Thank you."

@justinbieber: "Waiting in the waiting room"

@justinbieber: "Bought myself a gift today"
@justinbieber: "Maybe 2"

@justinbieber: "I really don't wanna eat the skittle"

@justinbieber: "Happy Halloween"

@alfredoflores: "Happy Halloween! We coming for ya!"

@justinbieber: "In the gym @beimaejor making hits and gettin ripped"

@liltwist: "Power 3"

Category: bilder
2012-10-31 / 22:56:11


@carinmorris: "Proud!"

Category: Believe tour
2012-10-31 / 16:19:00


@justinbieber: "Jb you think you jacked or sum???"

@justinbieber: "@liltwist"

@justinbieber: "We ain't got no worries"

@justinbieber: "you make me better"

@justinbieber: "Up all night"

@justinbieber: "me and dan"

@justinbieber: "Kittys"

Category: bilder
2012-10-30 / 15:24:48

Justin @ Hooters

@justinbieber: "This is why I got my owl tat lol"

Category: Believe tour
2012-10-29 / 18:13:12


@justinbieber: "My bro big Sean got a new single out go cop it #gwap"

@justinbieber: "As long as you love me"

@justinbieber: "."

@justinbieber: "Leannninn"

@justinbieber: "Chillin with @alfredoflores and #pacthehamster"

@justinbieber: "Believe"

@justinbieber: "just me"

@justinbieber: "Befo the paps get me"

@justinbieber: "Lingse"

@justinbieber: "Me and #pac on the road"

@justinbieber: "."

@justinbieber: "Thanks to @liltwist gramma for the bomb meal"

@liltwist: "In the hotel room working on that The Age Marvin & Michael MixtaPe... No name for it yet... #WakeUp on the way 2!!!"

Category: Believe tour
2012-10-27 / 00:55:23

Mer instagram bilder:

@justinbieber: "U know the deal"

@justinbieber: "7:46 how tired am I ??aha"

@justinbieber: "JB"

@justinbieber: "@liltwist #throwbackthursday"

@justinbieber: "#throwbackthursday"

@justinbieber: "T#throwbackthursday"

@justinbieber: "girl you know you want me right" written today 26th of October"

Category: Believe tour
2012-10-27 / 00:49:48


@justinbieber: "Boyz night"

@justinbieber: ""Befo bennihanas it was canned goods" 2chainz"

@justinbieber: "#pacthehamster"

@justinbieber: "Me and @oprah swaggin it out"

@justinbieber: "Xyba ?? Anyone know why they chose those letters. Why not abcd"

@justinbieber: "Strawberry bannana smoothie made by Jenn"

@justinbieber: "When I can't sleep I ride up front with Harold my bus driver"

@justinbieber: "Which ones better"

@justinbieber: "Now it's raining"

@justinbieber: "My driver Harold"

Category: bilder
2012-10-22 / 23:18:55


@justinbieber: "#pacthehamster"

Category: bilder
2012-10-22 / 22:57:24


@scrappy: "I found my twin here in Milwaukee!"

@dankanter: "Rocking out with my bro JB"

Category: bilder
2012-10-21 / 14:16:17


@justinbieber: "This is PAC the hamster my new believe tour pet I will bring him to every meet n greet"

Category: Believe tour
2012-10-21 / 01:12:00

Behind the scenes - Beauty And A Beat

@jonmchu: "The directorial debut of @JustinBieber from Beauty and a Beat. Do you wanna see a behind the scenes video? Like this if you do."

Category: bilder
2012-10-21 / 00:14:09


@justinbieber: "Im Double o nine and a half (quote from Eddie Murphy in ispy)"

@justinbieber: "#beautyandabeat video is on iTunes! Go download it plz!"

@dankanter: "Yup, doesn't just sing, dance, and play gtr, piano, and drums... He also cooks! #Hibachi in #Winnipeg"

@justinbieber: "Adidas lifestyle"

@justinbieber: "Who do we got to the right of me"
@justinbieber: "Sliggity"

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